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Cliche, but, I can’t wait until I feel that feeling again. The feeling of being completely head-over-heels for a girl. So head-over-heels, I’ll be pissed at myself for it. Being infatuated with another. Feeling that huge knot in my chest — the good kind. Losing my train of thought due to the distracting thoughts of what could possibly be of the two of us. I’m infatuated with the feeling of being infatuated. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

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School in 2 and a half hours and I’ve been up all night doing my AP English homework, just barely starting my second essay, procrastination’s a bitch .


Note to Self: Stop doing things for the sake of other people’s happiness. Fuck that, it gets you no where with your own happiness. It’s time to start doing things for yourself and if you have time after you’re done doing your thing, help others. But, stop constantly putting others before yourself. Treat yourself first.

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Drake - Club Paradise

‎Let me tell you how you measure a man…when his world starts to fall, see how tall he stands. It matters not how many times you fall down, what matters most is how many times you rise. Mistakes build character, and character takes you places money can’t

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When guys keep talking about needing a significant other, that shit is annoying . If love was that easy to find, everybody would be in love with someone right now . Most of the guys out their talking about needing a significant other don’t even know what love is . Don’t get me wrong there are actually guys out there who  want to share a genuine love with a female but for most, they just have lust . All they want is sex and when they get it, hearts are broken . From experience, people tell me that they just want sex from a female and their the ones off telling girls that they’re not that type of person, looks can be deceiving. If you aren’t a guy out there lying to girls about love just for sex, then kudos for you .

I don’t be bragging but yes, I admit, I sometimes think about wanting to have a significant other too but, things aren’t always that easy . I have to much going on in life and there isn’t a person that I met that has caught my interest . I mean I do think their are females that are pretty and what not, but they’re personality do not match . I need a girl who can be my lover and my best friend, not anytime soon, but i want that kind of relationship .